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The Mud Show

that damn Muddy Rag:
Check out the pathetically ancient Latest Edition! Explore the archives: The Officious Newsletter of the Sturdy Beggar™ Appreciation Society!

Our current 2015 schedule and an exhaustive list of every show we have ever performed. Yow.

Find hundreds of pictures from 1978 until now. Then take a little nap.

What is the S.B.A.S.? The Sturdy Beggar Appreciation Society, of course!

Meet the Beggars:
A short bio of currently performing Beggars. Well, kinda. Like everything else 'round here, this is ridiculously outdated.

Do you want more info? E-mail and snail mail info here.

Our favorite Web Sites
. We love 'em, individually and as a group.

Mud Survey:
Help us create
a better, and have some fun, too.

Someday we really should update this musty old page. But what do you expect from an anarchic collective of musty old beggars?

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All we want to do is make you oh so very happy...

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Celebrating 25 Muddy Years
(Holy crap, it's actually 37 years now! We must be nuts!)

The Mud Show
The Mud Show