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The Mud Show

Hey there, stalwart Pals of the Pit! Over the many years we've been executing our antic nonsense at various Festivals and Faires across this mighty land, we've oft encountered the occassional photo-bug fan who generously shares fun shots they've taken at our show. Some of you guys are damn good photographers, and some just get off lucky shots, but regardless we think it'd be fun to share some special Mud pix taken by the most important component of our show -- YOU.

Pictures should either be unique and outstanding shots from the Mud Show®, or preferably a shot featuring you with the Sturdy Beggars. Pictures are best submitted electronically in JPG format (GIF or TIF are okay too) -- send 'em to Please include the following important information:

  • Your Name (first and/or last name, or your personal made-up "beggar" name, as we do in the SBAS... we need to credit the shot to someone, or something)
  • Your City and State
  • The Festival/Faire the shot was taken at, and
  • The Year it was taken

Printed photos can be sent via snail-mail if preferred:
Sturdy Beggars Fan-Pics
34-16 41st Street
Suite 4i
Long Island City, NY 11101

Please include a self-addressed stamped envelope if you want your photo to be mailed back to you.

We'll see what kinda stuff gets sent our way, and will display our proposed Fan Photo Gallery as soon as enough pile up. Share your talents! Share your vision! Share the good times! Salut!

Coming Soon!

The Mud Show
The Mud Show