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The Mud Show

Crafter Pals
Grin-Kins: Whimsical high-fire Stoneware (link under repair)
MacGregor Historic Games: Mental Competition
Chainmaille Fashions: Randolf and Jane Markham
Clothing and Costuming: Moresca - Cool Intro!
Jodi Bove Hot Glass: Glass Blowing Art
Semmerling & Schaefer Masks: Fantastic handcrafted masks by the erstwhile Spiney Nodules

Where to find The Mud Show®
The Texas Renaissance Faire

Bristol Renaissance Festival, Wisconsin

King Richard's Faire in Carver, MA
Scarborough Renaissance Festival, TX
The Minnesota Renaissance Festival

Des Moines Renaissance Festival

Off Topic, but still fun




Performer Pals
Ded Bob: A short funny dead guy
Minstrels of Mayhem: Funny musicians
The Swordsmen: Comedy and excellent swordplay
The NicoloWhimsey Show: Funny juggling and variety
The New Riders of the Golden Age: Jousters
The Zucchini Brothers: Tall, funny Jugglers
MooNiE the Magnif'Cent: Juggler, ropewalker, foolish mortal
Broon!: Comedian, juggler, fire eater, smart-ass
MooNiE and Broon!: Two guys who play well together
Washing Well Wenches: Redefining sexy since 1492
Don Juan and Miguel: Sword fighting comedy show
Smee and Blog: The Singing Executioners... stalwarts of the Faire circuits

Renaissance Fun and Information Sites run by Pals
Sir Clisto Seversword: Tome of adventure and knowledge

(Yow, we used to have more of these... gotta update our links... or make new pals...)

The Mud Show
The Mud Show