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(aka Ham Hocks,Little Debby, Sir Loin of Beef)
March 21, 1959 — December 12, 2006


e're sad to report
that our long-time comrade and mud brother Figgy Pudding died of a heart attack at the end of last year after a protracted battle with multiple illnesses.

Figgy started performing the Mud Show in 1980, right at the time we started "touring," taking the show to Renaissance Festivals across the country. He was one of the most consistent members of our roster, working shows in New England, Texas, Minnesota, Georgia, Indiana and more, but mostly in the mud of our "Mother Faire," Bristol (formerly King Richards). He was a distinctive guy physically and vocally, proving to be one of the most recognized beggars, a pillar in the shows and a proven audience favorite.

Figgy's chortle will echo in our memories... he was like a big brusque leprechaun with an extensive knowledge of baseball history and lore, a love of poker with pals and karaoke nights, and a helluva hearty laugh. He made many friends among fellow performers, faire folk and festival patrons. His contribution to our show's history stands on its own and he will be missed.

If anyone out there is particularly struck by his passing and would like to share anecdotes, impressions or sympathies, feel free to send us such notes via our e-mail — subject line: Remembering Figgy) and we will compile and post any good stuff regarding the Figster on this page, to share with friends, fans and family.

We're saddened by his passing, but there is a moral, kids: lay off the fatty, salty foods and don't smoke — eat right, exercise and take good care of yourself, and stay in touch with your friends... wisdom worth heeding for us all. We'll remember you "Livin' Large," ya big lug. Salute and farewell, Mr. Pudding.

The Mud Show
The Mud Show