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 that damn Muddy Rag #3
Summer 1994  
The Officious Newsletter of the Sturdy Beggar™ Appreciation Society

Well,     my Favorite Fans,
the season is upon us. Soon we will be dipping our toes into the moistened earth to test the dirts and waters for Mud Show™, 1994. And in case you didn't know, this year will mark our debutante coming out gala, commemorating our sweet sixteenth season of Sturdy Beggar Mud Shows™ on this or any other planet. That's right, we've been performing our patented picaresque pageant of pomp since way back in the summer of '79. Where was your mind in '79? My good friend Jimmy was President, gasoline was a little over a dollar, and the jitterbug was all the rage. Wow, sixteen years, do you know what that means? The Mud Show can now legally drive in every state, except New York.
But more important than our remarkable reign of ribald renaissance regalement, is the warm fact that soon we will be able to see all of your smiling faces once again. This past spring we have truly enjoyed getting to know all of you through the overwhelming avalanche of questionnaires that flooded back to us. Though we found all your answers and ideas very entertaining and endearing, it was that extra information that we were able to excrete from your dispatches that excited us the most.
Even before we read them, your freshly posted opinion polls were whisked off to my laboratory at the University, where under my watchful instruction, my team of highly-trained scientists put them through a battery of tests and experiments. You would be amazed at the data that sprang to life just by pouring a simple solution of deoxyribonucleic acid over the salivary remnants extracted from the backs of your postage stamps. I can now safely state with 100% accuracy that none of the beggars are any of your parents, or for that matter, any of your children. Which is great, 'cause that means we can all date. Although a lot of you (and I mean a lot of you) are second cousins.
But it was the handwriting analysis that proved to be the most enlightening and perplexing. None of the perscrutators on my staff could believe the results, so we swiftly dispatched all our samples to the Bicstix Graphology Institute in Leadtown, PA, where, at great expense, our findings were confirmed: over 86% of you can actually write! I won't even go into what we learned after our forensic friends down at the crime lab went over the fingerprints.
After thoroughly researching your returned questionnaires, I can safely say we now know more about you than you know about yourselves. But don't you worry, your habitual and genetic secrets are safe with us.
For you see, we realize that it is precisely these various "faults" that make you, our fans, such strong individualists, the kind of free-thinking nonconformists who are able to appreciate all that we do. We salute you. Our hats off to all you mavericks and flintstones, marching to the beat of your own bongo. We look forward to having you all greet us after the Mud Show™, so that we fellow renegades may embrace in solidarity, and give each other a hale and hearty congratulatory slap on the back for just being us. (P.S.: Wear white if you desire a more dramatic expression of our appreciation of your support)
Billy Billy VonBilly

Here's a smattering of inquiries we found in the olde mail bag. We answered a few to the best of our limited abilities, but, as you know, some questions are better left unanswered. Ahem.
Q: "What's it like being a beggar?" Yuk, age 12, Brockton, MA
A: Well, Yuk, words can't express what it's like, it's like nothing we have ever known. (Oh, by the way, Yuk, sorry we weren't able to make it to Brockton this past April; we all hibernated a little long this year.)
Q: "You're in a vehicle traveling at the speed of light and you flip the headlights on. Does anything happen?" Wazmo Django & Bubbles in the Mud, Crystal Lake, IL
A: Yes, our windshield wipers come on. Don't ask me why, I've taken it in to the garage several times, and there never seems to be a problem when they take it out for a test drive.
Q: "Did you ever think of having a female mud beggar?" Norma, age 42, Weymouth, MA
A: Oh, yes, we have. In fact, we have had several fine and outstanding women beggars in our ilk. Daphne, Queen of Everything (aka Crazed Katie) was with us from '80 to '85 and did much to shape and design the entertainment that is our show today. Bridget, Namrock Nell, Iggy Slop, Molly Bloom and others all graced our Mud Pits with their charm, wit and unconventional vision. Why there aren't any with us today is simple: Girls are smarter than boys.
Q: "What's your favorite type of mud? Explain taste, texture, bouquet, etc." Sir Freddy the Freeloader, age 30, Houston, TX
A: Good question, Freddy. You know a lot of your fellow Society members were also curious about our mud. First off, you don't want any sandy soil. It's uncomfortable down the pants and is too rough on tooth enamel. Clay and silt make for too hard a landing pad. We want something soft and gooey, a muck that sticks to the skin and clothes, so that the dramatic color contrast is apparent throughout our show, and lets you know we're working. That is why we beggars have found our best mud to be good old-fashioned bean dip. Tastes good, too. Oh, but please don't tell anyone, let's just keep it our little secret, okay? And next time you come by the Dip Pit™, could you bring some chips and salsa? Oh, and some margaritas, if you think of it, frozen, no salt, and light on the sour mix.
Q: "How can you be sure you're not eating any snot in that mud?" Messy Mary, age 32, Chicago, IL
A: The same way you can be sure there's no disgruntled employee snot in your Big Mac's secret sauce.
Q: "Does Spiney and/or Figgy need a date?" Slippery Wench, age 35, Milwaukee, WI
A: Why not ask them in person this summer? I'm sure they would love to go out with an intelligent woman like yourself. The kind of intelligent woman who is kind enough to send her beggar buddies a little something for the judge's hat through the courtesy of the postal service. Although, in the future, we recommend to all our fans who would like to have the pleasure of giving us a little something extra in the off-season, to be safe, please don't send cash, send checks and money orders. We do take credit cards (we take 'em for about 2 weeks).
Q: "How do you get a job at the Faire?" Cass-Master, age 12, Feeding Hills, MA
A: For anyone interested in getting involved with the faires, try calling the phone numbers you'll find listed in our 1994 itinerary section in this newsletter.
Q: "How old are you guys and are any of you married?" Maria, age 25, Franklin, MA
" Are any of you married?" Loony Bin, age 25, Crystal Lake, IL
"Are any of you married, and if so, who?" Terra Firma, Cary, IL
A: Why do people keep asking if we beggars are married?!? Once and for all, we beggars are just good friends!
Q: "Can I ever write letters to you?" Wheezy Cheesy & Cookoo DaDa, ages 9 & 6, Union Grove, WI
A: Of course you can, Wheezy and Cookoo. In fact, anyone can write a personal letter to any one of their favorite beggars just by mailing to our home office in Minneapolis, MN. Our crackerjack staff will make darn sure that your letter will be opened personally by whomever you send it to. And I am fairly certain that since we are using the U.S. Postal Service you will receive a prompt reply within one calendar year , if it doesn't end up in some Chicago postal worker's crawlspace or garage. But hey, why not give it a try, ya can't win if ya don't play.
Q: "How did the idea of the Mud Show™ originate?" Sue, age 31, Sheboygan, WI
"What were some of the reasons in which you all decided to perform the Mud Show™?" Cathy, age 15, Calgary, Alberta
"Where did the Mud Show™ idea come from?" Theresa, age 31, Medford, MA
A: Great minds think alike, eh? By the way, love your clever beggar nicknames. How did this Mud Show thang develop? Well, that's a long story that should be told by the old wise one himself, The More Than Most Reverend Ikey Noakes. We are trying to encourage our olden one to bless us with piece on the origins of the Mud Show™ for our next newsletter, and maybe complement it with observations from the other originals, Caesar (recently daddyfied), Wil'm the Poorer (Billy to you), Damien and Red-beard...wherever they are.
Well, that's all we have room for this time around, but keep those cards and letters coming. And thanks to everyone who sent in all those nice photos. (like "Mud Woman" of Helotes, TX: Great shot! Mud becomes ya, gals).

The 1994 Sturdy Beggar™ Season
'Tis nigh Faire time! Hey, let 'em know at the gate that you've come to see the Sturdy Beggars. It really helps keep us in the woods and out of your neighborhoods. (Specific rosters subject to change. Your mileage may vary)
The Bristol Renaissance Faire (IL/WI border) 6/25 - 8/21 (708) 395-7773 or (414) 396-4320
Billy Billy VonBilly, Spiney Nodules, Figgy Pudding
The Oz Park Medieval Festival (Chicago, IL) 8/6 - 8/7 Lutilla Fair Dinkum, Helmut von Mudt
The Maryland Renaissance Festival (Annapolis, MD) 8/27 - 10/16 (incl. Labor Day) (310) 266-7304 or 1-800-243-7304
Wakka Ding Hoy, Gonzo DiMedicci, Privy LaPew, Billy Billy vonBilly
The Indiana Renaissance Faire (Lebanon, IN) 9/3 - 9/18 (incl. Labor Day) (708) 599-2106 Billy Billy vonBilly, Figgy Pudding
The Iowa Renaissance & Harvest Faire (Des Moines) 9/10 - 9/18 (515) 357-5177 Lutilla Fair Dinkum, Helmut von Mudt
King Richard's New England Faire (Carver, MA) 9/3 - 10/24 (incl. Labor Day & Columbus Day) (612) 922-0777 or (508) 866-5391 Legs Akimbo, Spiney Nodules, Hack Ptui
The Texas Renaissance Festival (Plantersville, TX) 10/1 - 11/13 (713) 356-2178 or 1-800-458-3435 Billy Billy vonBilly, Spiney Nodules, Sir Loin of Beef

Attend All! Here's yer official S. B.A.S. Membership Card! Good for all sorts of nonsense, we're relatively sure! Cut out carefully and LAMINATE IMMEDIATELY!!! Proudly flash it at nearby Mud Men and receive a sincere dazed glance and a hearty mud-encrusted handshake, at least! Further bonuses pending!
Wear It With Pride!
The polling results are in! It's T-Shirts you want! (followed closely by bumper stickers & 8 x 10 autographed glossies). Rest assured, as sure as you're reading this, someone somewhere is doing something so that sometime soon someone like you can own a somewhat treasured, wholly unique Sturdy Beggars' T-shirt. Ask at the front gate if they have 'em yet.
Beggar Video pix
Summertime at last! We know that everyone is saving their money for the Faire, as a good days frolic at a Festival can indeed decimate the family budget. Alas, these are the times we live and grovel in. So how can you keep costs down and have good fun on a budget in the meantime? We suggest popping a video in the ol' VCR and plopping on the couch like a good Mud Spud. Here's some of our top recommendations for video rentals. (by the by, we enjoyed your book selections...thanks, Ragger, Slippery Wench and Terra Firma)
Lutilla Fair Dinkum: Brave Little Toaster ('87) / Duck Soup ('33) / The Bank Dick ('40) / A Christmas Story ('83)
Spiney Nodules: Little Big Man / Tempest (P. Mazursky) / The Wicker Man / The New Beggar Video (available for X-mas) (yeh, roit)
Helmut von Mudt: Touch of Evil (O. Welles) / Aguirre, Wrath of God (W. Herzog) / Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer (J. McNaughten)
Billy Billy VonBilly: A Hard Day's Night / Music Man (now available in envelope screen) / Sherman's March
Hack Ptui: The Princess Bride / Strictly Ballroom / Matinee / Bedazzled
Wakka Ding Hoy: Eight Million Ways To Die / One False Move / Enter The Dragon
Legs Akimbo: Manchurian Candidate (Franky's finest missed moment / The Searchers (O, whutta oater / Apocalypse Now/Hearts of Darkness (If you like that sort of thing) / 35 Up (For those who don't wanna grow up)
Figgy Pudding: Enchanted April / Days of Wine and Roses / The Natural / The Secret Garden ('49)
And while you're at it, why not rent "Troll" and see if you can spot the former Sturdy Beggar (hint - he romps through the fields with the lovely Elaine of "Seinfield").
Bag o' Fun
Q: "Why do seagulls hang by the sea, and not by the bay?"
A: "If they hung by the bay, they'd be bagels."
Mud Maiden, age 111/2, Newport, RI
Q: "What do you call a vegetarian with diarrhea?"
A: "A salad shooter."
Tonya, age 26, Lodi, WI
"A small, poor parish decided that their little church needed a paint job, so they took up a special collection and bought some paint. The whole congregation volunteered to help. But, as they were painting, they realized they hadn't bought enough paint. So they thinned out what they had and continued painting. When they were about halfway done, they were running low on paint again, so they thinned it some more. They continued painting and thinning as needed to finish the building. But, just as they were cleaning up, a thunderstorm rolled in, washing all the new paint off the building.
Now, the parish was devastated. They gathered inside the church and prayed for God to tell them what to do. They'd spent all their money on that paint - what could they do? Suddenly a voice boomed from the rafters of the church: "REPAINT, REPAINT, AND THIN NO MORE!"
Looney Bin, age 25, Crystal Lake, IL
yo mud muses
Our survey results indicate that a few of you would like to try writing something for us. Well, goody for you! If you wanna, send in your own interesting, thought-provoking and entertaining column for that damn Muddy Rag, keep it to 300 words or less, and hey nonny nonny, the winner(s) will actually be published in our next edition! Don't mention it, it's the least we can do for the perspiring writers among our fans.
that damn Muddy Rag #3 designed, edited & executed by Hack Ptui 6/94 scribe du jour: B. B. VonBilly, pretty much, w/Hack.

The Mud Show
The Mud Show